Bug description # pylint: disable=missing-docstring myList = [1, 2, 3] for a, b in enumerate(myList): myList[a] = 2 for a, b in enumerate(myList
Describe the bug ofl/cantarell/Cantarell-BoldOblique.ttf ERROR: OS2 weight class 500 doesn\'t match with the given weight 400 in METADATA.pb Bad filen
Description When compiling and running an app that requires permissions, I the app checks and asks the user for permission this works. App can be star
When using the font specimen preview, some mathematical glyphs like Integral, Summation, Infinity, Radical, etc. are not shown. Instead, it shows a de
Describe the bug: I came to know about fyne package and then tried to run the example given in the getting started section of the README.md and copi
Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe: It was mentioned in Jacalz/rymdport#39 that it would be good to see the full file ext
The author name for Dela Gothic One is aratakana from the AUTHORS.txt, but in Google Fonts the named is changed to artakana, with one less 'a'.
#This issue also works for requesting features. Describe the issue There're redundant scrollbars in the betterspecimen. To Reproduce View the Google F
Related: #4722 (did not fully address the original issue) We want to include all of the following languages: languages: "cjy_Hant" # Chinese, Jinyu l
Describe the bug When the family is downloaded Black seems to be a repeat of Regular. To Reproduce Redownloaded Expected behavior The black version to
I have pom.xml like follows <properties> <functionResourceGroup>${env.functionResourceGroup}</functionResourceGroup&gt
Before you submit this issue, you has been search all existed issues and search the documentation [] I've been search all existed issues [] I've been
I think it will be really nice to allow dragging a column to re-place it. Looking at the samples page's grid, if you want, for example, to move the Em
📓 Summary When using the data grid with automatic row heights, the individual height of each row is measured when that row is first rendered. When scr
Before you submit this issue, you has been search all existed issues and search the documentation I've been search all existed issues I've been rea
Prerequisites I have searched for duplicate or closed issues I have validated any HTML to avoid common problems I have read the contributing guide
It looks like line renderer is crashing quite reliably (possibly related to existing bug, I could not find it). To Reproduce: Steps to reproduce the b
Describe the bug I suspect that the fix will be similar to this issue raised on extension: MetaMask/metamask-extension#14304 When I tap "receive" from
ko is a tool for building Docker images that are simple containerized Go programs. In my opinion, this is preferable to docker build for several reaso
Bug Report import path: /sdk/resourcemanager/subscription/armsubscription SDK version: latest go version: go version go1.18.3 darwin/arm64 Subscript
What This issue proposes adding some notes or warnings in the existing document pages for configuring connectors in Docker environment. Why The catalo
sodiumoxide is deprecated Details Status unmaintained Package sodiumoxide Version 0.2.7 URL sodiumoxide/[email protected] Date 202
Description Hi, I am experiencing an issue where I defined the restart=always param in the docker-compose.yml, but the container does not spin up at b
Multiple soundness issues in owning_ref Details Package owning_ref Version 0.4.1 URL https://github.com/noamtashma/owning-ref-unsoundnes
Prerequisites I have searched for duplicate or closed issues I have validated any HTML to avoid common problems I have read the contributing guide
The Contributing Guide needs an overhaul. I am creating a list of suggestions here for ways to improve it: Review of contributor roles In Github labe
Our guide still refers to 'master' when it should be 'main' and still has a few links pointing to 'master' or the 1.x repos. Update.
💔 Metric state changed to alerting Scale up issue: A queue has been waiting for a machine to scale up for more than 45 minutes, there are no machines
I am new to coding and was setting up c++ on visual studio code for my mac. I was following this article step by step but my file is not running corre
Testcase: import tvm def compute_something(A, C): ib = tvm.tir.ir_builder.create() S = C.vstore( 0, tvm.tir.call_intrin(
Hi, I have a question regarding the number of queries in MSMARCO. According to the paper and the readme, the number of test queries in MSMARCO is 6,98
Microsoft PowerToys version 0.58.0 Running as admin Yes Area(s) with issue? General Steps to reproduce PowerToysReport_2022-05-04-21-41-33.zip ✔️ E
Describe the project you are working on Distributed MMO app that relies on WebSockets using self-signed X509 Certificates. Describe the problem or lim
My actions before raising this issue Read/searched the docs Searched past issues I have images of store receipts annotated & saved as COCO. I
Hello, thanks for your work. I tested my resultant images using your matlab script in motion delburring folder. But obtained the somewhat lower psnr
Hello, In the ablation study, you compared deeper vs wider Restormer. I'm wondering about the wider Restormer you mentioned, so could you inform me of
Discussed in #281 Originally posted by matthiasstukenberg July 27, 2022 Dear all, I have been informed by our security Dasboard that there are outdat
ccl/workloadccl.TestImportFixture failed with artifacts on master @ 98bdf3241028c9b1bdff429fb455e61870adc9d0: === RUN TestImportFixture fixture_
Library name: nu-book-zxing-cpp (https://github.com/nu-book/zxing-cpp) New version number: 1.3.0 Other information that may be useful (release notes,
In the new bottom navigation bar example where the navigationService is used to switch the pages, the view does no longer maintain it's state with Pag
I believe that the SnackbarConfig.textColor should define the color for all the text in a snackbar, unless otherwise specified explicitly in titleColo
Using the navigateWithTransition or replaceWithTransition methods exposed by navigationService as of stacked_services 0.9.1 always push a new route na
What I am trying to achieve? On the main screen of the application, I am showing a list of patients. when the user clicks on any of the patients I am
after updating stacked_builder to 0.7.1, it added a transition value to the NavigatorStateExtension. this is passed down to a generated function which
Hi FilledStacks, I have a unique UI need for multiple instances of the same form on a page. I think the declaration of the Map<String, TextEditingC
When the user tapping the button on the snackbar, it would be great for the snackbar to be dismissed to avoid the user tapping the button multiple tim
I could need a badge-xmark but I'm unable to make one Like the hexagon has for example: Can be solved by stacking if anyone needs it: <i classNam
test tests::extra_free ... error: Undefined Behavior: trying to reborrow <248731> for SharedReadWrite permission at alloc96889[0x22], but that t
I am on Windows 10 using Powershell and am using husky to npm run pretty-quick on the pre-commit hook. For some reason, although husky does run thi
Context GUI Client: VSCode's integrated git sidebar Thankfully, there's a good section in the docs for this issue: https://typicode.github.io/husky/